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About Bharat Sanskriti Yatra ::

We are going to host Bharat Sanskriti Yatra 2019 (Festival of Indian Art & Culture & Promoting International Cultural Relations) in cooperation with Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India on the ocassion of Celebration of 126th Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda’s Chicago Appearance in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonasia, Singapore, Srilanka, Japan & Europe from March 2019 to October 2019.

We are also to host Bharat Sanskriti Yatra 2019 (Festival of Indian Classical Music & Dance) in cooperation with Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India & in collaboration with India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, Bhavans Cultural Centre, Mumbai, Nadbramha, Nagpur, Department of Culture, Govt. of M.P, Nalco & Department of Culture, Govt. of Odisha , Samaritans School, Hoshangabad at Delhi, Mumbai, Hariyana, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Hoshangabad, Nagpur from February 2019 to October 2019.

Bharat Sanskriti Yatra seek to promote India’s rich cultural heritage, culture and enhance India’s image in the global arena in a concerted manner. The Bharat Sanskriti Yatra are organized with the aim of having a lasting impact of the people of the host country. Thus, they are tools of the cultural diplomacy that project the soft power of India.The main focus of Bharat Sanskriti Yatra is to connect and enhance the perception of India.

The renowned artists of India along with the selected young artists of the world will be perform in the Festival.

Main motto of this Competition & Festival is to spread Indian Classical Music, Dance & Folk Culture, our rich Heritage amongst youth and thus bring back peace in the society as we believe Indian Classical Music has power to bring out the best thing from the within of an individual.

Dr. Ashutosh Sharma          Pt. Prosenjit Poddar
President                                 Secretary

: Procedure of Participating in the Festivals :
Bharat Sanskriti Yatra (Festival of India) will be held in Europe, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Srilanka, Dubai & Japan / Indonesia. Bharat Sanskriti Yatra (Festival of Indian Classical Music & Dance) will be held at Delhi, Mumbai, Nagpur, Bhopal, Kolkata, Bhubaneswar & Hoshangabad.

1. Any interested artiste / Groups can join in these Festivals.
2. Artiste can apply with their personal details & upload their video link at www.hamsociety.org.
3. Artiste will be selected by our expert committee on the basis of their profile & performance.
4. Selected artists / groups will be able to perform in any of these affore said Festivals.
5. The organisation will provide the total cost of the artiste including economy class Flight fare, visa cost ,accommodations & a token of remunerations.
6. The Last date of submitting the application is 20/02/2019.