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Affiliation in Hindusthan Art & Music Society
Hindusthan Art & Music Society or HAMS India is a premier All-India institution with a wide network. The Society will affiliate centers located all over the country and abroad which conduct the prescribe examinations of the Society every year..
The quality and reliability of the Societies examinations keeps attracting new academies every year to seek affiliation of the Society, which has already attained the status of a prestigious All-India Institution identically functioning on the pattern of an Open University. The students who successfully complete training in Music, Dance and Fine Arts appear in the Basic, Junior, Senior, Visharad & Kalareatna examinations of the Society, 
Here are some of the rules for fixation of an examination centre. The Kendra grants affiliations to the institutions all over India and abroad:-

  1. An institution of repute equipped with all infrastructural facilities and established with the sole aim of reviving and promoting Indian classical arts including music, dance, drama, sculpture, painting, etc. is eligible to affiliate with the Kendra.
  2. Institutions run by individual/association of individuals/registered trusts/ autonomous/government organisations, Trusts or by reputed societies, etc.
  3. An examination centre shall be required to produce at least forty examinees for all the examinations taken together. However, the Society has the right to allot an examination centre were the number is less than 40 in exceptional and special circumstances.
  4. The examinations of the Society shall be held at such centres only as are fixed by the Society for the purpose. No practical examination shall be held at any other centre which is not fixed by the Society. Arrangement of sub-centres is not permissible ordinarily. However, the Society has the right to permit a sub-centre to be arranged in case the sub-centre is prepared to bear the T.A. and D.A. of the examiners, if the number of students is less than 40 at the sub-centre. The request for the sub-centre shall be sent to the Society at least one month prior to the date of the examination.
  5. The Registrar, Hindusthan Art & Music Society,Kolkata has every right to affiliate any institution imparting training in music, dance and fine arts (painting). The Registrar has also the power either to refuse or de-affiliate any institution, without giving any notice or assigning any reasons whatsoever to the institution concerned.
  6. Examination centres shall be set up at various places in India and abroad on the receipt of applications in the form prescribed by the Society.
  7. Every institution which seek affiliation of the Society shall be required to pay an affiliation fee prescribed by the Society from time to time. 

Any School run by individual, association of individuals, registered trust, society or firms or as stated above, shall apply in prescribed form for affiliation to the Registrar, Hindusthan Art & Music Society, Kolkata along with affiliation fees (For India) -Rs.2000/-(Two Thousand Only ).  $150 (One Hundred Fifty US Dollar) for Abroad.


The affiliation will be granted by the Registrar, Hindusthan Art & Music Society, Kolkata on receipt of prescribed affiliation fee and fulfilling the other conditions of affiliation.